ADIAMELIAS is a contemporary womenswear brand with a core of premium everyday essentials.


ADIAMELIAS was founded in 2020 by Adiam Elias in London. My background is both in Pattern cutting and designing this allows me to always balance between design and the technical journey of making the garment to be wearable and yet cut creativly.

ADIAMELIAS places the importance of sustainable premium essentials and provide you with garments that are made sustainably and ethically produced. 
As a pattern cutter my belief is that clothing should be comfortable and innovative, without faulting on style, so I design garments that are creatively cut and wearable. I believe that the things we choose to surround ourselves with matter, and what better place to start than with what we wear. Most of my garments are cut and sewn here in London, however we also work with a small sewing studio in Europe.

I am always inspired by the Human Body! Which is why I wanted to create a sustainable brand that values

Community.  Inclusivity.  Diversity.

A brand that celebrates, Humanity and bodies of all types.


Why I decided to have a brand (ADIAMELIAS) that works on Pre - Order?

Our planet suffers the consequences of the excess of clothing made by brands. 

The clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world. Also, approximately 15% of fabric intended for clothing ends up on the cutting room floor. This is why I wanted to create a sustainable womenswear brand. 

Pre-ordering reduces the waste and damaged to the ecosystem caused by the fashion industry because there won’t be overproduction and overstock. Besides, once orders are placed, We can calculate how much fabric and other supplies are going to be used, by having the information of quantities ordered, sizes, colors, etc. This way we reduce waste at its minimum.


Be part of our Slow Fashion Movement Impact!!

Instead of offering you a never ending sale thats rapidly changing due to Trends, Slow fashion offers a sustainable, functional and durable fashion. 

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