Save Planet Earth

I want to create as little waste as possible in the process of making my garments, that's why each one I make is made on Pre-Order basis. I only make once the order has been placed. No over-production. No over stock. 


Sustainability is at the centre of ADIAMELIAS. Whether the focus is on the use of innovative and environmentally friendly fabrics, small production runs or made-to-order pieces, we do everything we can to minimize the environmental impact.

The majority of our products are handmade or produced in their country of origin. We promote sustainability all the way from the supply chains to who we  partners with. I understand the issue wastage creates in the life span of a garment and we do our best to reduce waste. From the process of cutting and sourcing out dead stock fabrics.

Low Carbon Traffic 

We only make garments that are going to be worn. No overstocks dumped on landfills. Plus, we try to offer a diverse range of sustainable fabrics and to optimize our processes to reduce our environmental footprint.


I grew up in differnet cities which exposed me to differnet cultures, traditions and people. So I understand the value in diversity and that we are all valued no  matter our background and where we came form.

“I value transparency and believe in diversity and inclusivity.”


I belive & love community. 


Our fabrics are all sourced and produced ethically.

We only cut fabrics once oreders have been placed.

We work closely with our supplier in Japan to get you the best sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics.